Friday, 8 January 2010

Bong Bong Bong Bong Bong Bong Bong Bong Bong Bong Bong Bong

As Big Ben bonged and the snow fell upon my drunken face I decided that 2010 was the year that I got my arse in gear and actually began a blog. Voila…

It is January. Christmas and New Year feel as though they never happened and my current bank balance reads at minus athousandandwhatever. So what better way to cheer myself up than with a Luella Barney Hobo bag for…£150. I’m not particularly in to designer goods- mainly because as a student I can’t afford them. Don't get me wrong I adore beautiful things but as fate would have it I was not born in to a family that has ever had a spare £300 here and £800 there. Anyway Bicester Village has changed this for me, possibly for forever. An outlet village (as you may have guessed from the name) in Oxford with every designer brand you can think of (accept Prada). The reductions are incredible so if you haven’t been yet- GO.

I was also interested to see that Marina and the Diamonds are number 2 on the BBC’s Sound of 2010. I have been listening to Marina for a year or so and went to see her on the NME Radar tour at The Garage, Islington (do not drink the wine there). She’s a total talent and also writes a pretty spectacular blog. Make sure you check her out.

Today’s recommendation(s):

Bicester Village
Marina and the Diamonds

The new bag:

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